Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel I - Presage Flower Blu-Ray

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Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel I - Presage Flower Blu-Ray

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Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel I. Presage Flower contains the first of three theatrical features directed by Tomonori Sudo and is based on the record breaking visual novel game "Fate/Stay Night" the final route, a.k.a. Sakura Route.

10 years after the Holy Grail War—a battle waged by Masters and Servants over the wish-granting container, the Holy Grail—another war breaks out in Fuyuki City. Shirou Emiya—the adopted son of Kiritsugu Emiya, a participant of the previous Holy Grail War—is leading a peaceful life with people dear to him. Especially close to him is his underclassman Sakura Matou, who brings kindness into his otherwise lonely life. But once the Holy Grail War starts, Shirou’s peaceful life is sundered.

Publisher: MVM
Released: July 1st 2019
Language: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 120mins
Age Restriction: 15+
Type: Blu-Ray
Region: Europe (2)