Higurashi: When They Cry - Rei Season 3 Collection Blu-Ray

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Higurashi: When They Cry - Rei Season 3 Collection Blu-Ray


Having finally escaped the brutal cycle of madness and murder that transformed the town of Hinamizawa into a hell on Earth, Keiichi, Rika, and their friends are looking forward to simply being teenagers and living a normal life. But as strange things keep happening, it soon becomes apparent that fate hasn't finished toying with them yet. Especially when the incidents escalate dramatically, transitioning from relatively benign and even humorous... to lethal.

Struck by a truck, Rika awakens to find herself in another reality, one where most of her friends are gone, yet other elements of her life that she'd previously lost are back. And in order to find her way back to the life she knows, she'll have to destroy something from this new life forever. No matter what... or who... she has to sacrifice. It's an all-new ordeal where every solution comes with a horrific price in WHEN THEY CRY - REI!

When They Cry: Rei contains OVA episodes 1-5.

Publisher: MVM
Released: March 4th 2019
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 150mins
Agre restriction: 15+
Type: Blu-Ray
Region: Europe (2)