Laputa - Castle In The Sky - Combi Blu-Ray/DVD

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Laputa - Castle In The Sky - Combi Blu-Ray/DVD


The magic touch of master animator Hayao Miyazaki is visible from start to finish in Laputa: Castle In the Sky, an imaginative tale full of mystery and adventure. The high-flying journey begins when Pazu, an engineer's apprentice, find a young girl, Sheeta, floating down from the sky, wearing a glowing pendant.

Together, they discover both are searching for the legendary floating castle, Laputa, and vow to unravel the mystery of the luminous crystal around her neck. Their quest won't be easy, however. There are sky pirates, secret agents and monumental obstacles stopping them from discovering the truth - and each other. However, Laputa is more than it appears, and some seek to use it for evil.

Laputa: Castle In the Sky continues Hayao Miyazaki's obsession with air travel, featuring some truly remarkable designs, especially for the floating fortress Laputa itself. It is said that he based a lot of the environments on rural Wales following his time spent there during the miner's strikes.

Label: Studio Canal
Released: May 9th 2011
Language: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 124mins
Agre restriction: PG
Type: Blu-Ray/DVD
Region: Europe (2)