Millennium Actress - Collector's Edition 4K UHD Blu-Ray

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Millennium Actress - Collector's Edition 4K UHD Blu-Ray

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Comes packed in a rigid case with a digipack to hold the two discs.

Also included is a poster (34x41cm) and a 44-page booklet containing in depth articles by Jonathan Clements and Andrew Osmond. 

From genius director Satoshi Kon ( Perfect Blue, Paprika), take a journey through cinema history via his unique, world-bending perspective.

With the renowned Ginei Studios shutting down and their buildings about to be demolished, film-maker Genya Tachibana sets out to commemorate this historical moment by interviewing the studio’s former superstar - the now-reclusive Chiyoko Fujiwara.

Thirty years on from her disappearance from the limelight, one question lingers - why did she end her career and vanish at the peak of her acting powers? The truth lies within a key found by Genya many years prior... a key that is far more than just a memento, and instead serves as an emblem of her entire raison d’être.

As Chiyoko recounts her story, so Genya and his cameraman are pulled into a wide-ranging journey through the lens of her films. Interviews and recollections, acting and reality, all blur into the single rich tapestry of a remarkable life.

Publisher: Anime Ltd
Released: January 25th 2021
Language: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 83mins
Agre restriction: PG
Type: Blu-Ray
Region: Europe (2)