Tokyo Ghoul Root A Season 2 Collection Blu-Ray

  • 399 SEK

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Season 2 Collection Blu-Ray


The twisted horror hit Tokyo Ghoul is back, and the ghouls haven’t lost their taste for blood in season two! After weeks of torture at the hands of Aogiri Tree, Kaneki emerges a changed ghoul. No longer the meek young man who struggled with his hunger, Kaneki goes through a ravenous feeding frenzy, even devouring other ghouls to collect their power.

He then joins the very organization that attempted to break him, Aogiri Tree, and the ghoul faction quickly becomes embroiled in a war between other ghoul groups and the CCG. Along with Amon, Mado’s daughter Akira, hoping to avenge her father’s untimely death, spearheads the anti-ghoul attacks.

As the war between humans and ghouls intensifies, one question remains: what makes a monster? Find out in Tokyo Ghoul Season 2!

Contains episodes 1-12 of season 2.

Publisher: Anime Limited
Released: July 25th 2016
Language: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 300mins
Age restriction: 15+
Type: Blu-Ray
Region: Europe (2)