Fate/ Grand Order 1/7 Figure Rider / Leonardo Da Vinci (Kotobukiya)

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From the popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order comes this figure of Leonardo Da Vinci!

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Leverantör: Kotobukiya

From the popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order, everyone's favorite girl, Da Vinci-the world's most beautiful and capable secretary-type-joins Kotobukiya's scale figure series as Rider/Leonardo da Vinci in her precocious and cute 1st Ascension state!

Her face has been carefully recreated with a soft, girlish innocence, and her hair has been painstakingly sculpted so as to not lose the atmosphere of the original illustration.

The staff with the gauntlet on her left hand has been thoroughly sculpted down to the finest detail and has been carefully and beautifully painted.

Each and every wrinkle has also been meticulously sculpted, with even her skirt being perfectly recreated with a gentle airiness.

The base is designed to resemble a low pile carpet. Adorned with hardcover books, the combination of decorations provide a chic and luxurious finish to the figure. Even the sculpting and painting of the tiny mechanical dove has been recreated down to the finest detail.

Cute and beautiful from any angle, add Da Vinci to your collection today!

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Product Name
Fate/ Grand Order 1/7 Figure Rider / Leonardo Da Vinci
Rider / Leonardo Da Vinci
Fate/ Grand Order
23 cm
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