HGUC Xi Gundam VS Penelope Funnel Missile Set 1/144 (Bandai)

  • 1 949 SEK

A High Grade Model Kit of Xi Gundam VS Penelope Funnel Missile Set 1/144 by Bandai.


In commemoration of the movie release of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash", the main character's "Ξ (Xi) Gundam" and the rival machine "Penelope" have appeared as a set!

■ Luxury set that include funnel missiles and funnel effect parts.
■ Clear color funnel missile launch effect and 12 funnel missile parts are attached to each MS to create vivid action scenes.
■ Multiple mounting positions are set for the frame that holds the effect parts, and it is possible to produce a random fennel trajectory.
■ Funnel missiles with new details have reproduced the battle image.
■ Two sets of clear color display pedestal [BA13] that does not use screws and has a sturdy frame that supports the weight of a large aircraft are included.

■ Ξ Gundam x 1
■ Penelope x 1
■ Display pedestal x 2 
■ Funnel missile (for Ξ Gundam Penelope) x 1 set
■ Funnel missile effect (for Ξ Gundam Penelope) x 1 set
■ Foil seal × 2
■ Water transfer type decal × 1

Type: Model Kit
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash
Grade: High Grade
Manufacturer: Bandai
Size: 1/144
Material: PVC
Packaging: Box
Release Date: April 2021