MG Gundam Unicorn Screen Image 1/100 (Bandai)

  • 629 SEK

Master Grade Model Kit på Gundam Unicorn 1/100 av Bandai.


Bandai have redone much of the MG Gundam Unicorn Ver. Ka for this release including new leg armor parts allowing greater articulation and new head armor parts to match the animation version of the Unicorn. An extra antenna in Destroy Mode is included if you do not wish to use the transforming antenna. The markings for this kit are also different from the previous Ver. Ka release. Includes the Beam Magnum and Hyper Bazooka as well as blue beam sabers! Also includes red "Psycho Frame" parts that glow under a black light!

Type: Model Kit
Series: Gundam UC (Unicorn)
Grade: Master Grade
Manufacturer: Bandai
Size: 1/100
Material: PVC
Packaging: Box
Release Date: March 2010